Friday, 13 February 2015

Alien Under Cover by Marie Dry

Alien Under Cover

Reviewed by Desere

This is the second book in a totally out there ( in a very good way) series! Marie Dry really knows how to take something that sounds totally non sexy ( I mean aliens are not high on the drop dead gorgeous list) and turn it into a " Oh my gosh do I want a alien of my very own" !

The book is really easy to follow where as some other similar books have the whole alien here alien there, planet being attached , slaves from earth ( where did they come from did I miss the capture? ) kind of vibe happening and for the most part I have always found it confusing and felt like I was missing chapters, not the case in this read.The author let me follow it all with ease and kept me engaged at all times.

I really love this author's wonderful creative mind, she creates worlds that only come alive on screen, and you know that more than one person was involved in creating it from computer techs to screenwriters and all that , but this author does it all and with absolute amazement!

Keep them coming Marie !! Highly recommended for all fans of fantasy romance!

5/5 star review
" To love or to let go "

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