Monday, 31 March 2014

At Stars End by Anna Hackett

Reviewed by Nas

AT THE STAR’S END  is a sci-fi fantasy novel by author Anna Hackett is a March 2013 release.

 Eos was thrown out of the institution but she is determined to find the treasure her mum believed in. The treasure believed to be on Star’s End. She hires the famous but notorious treasure hunters of the outer galaxy, the Phoenix brothers. But would the brothers take this job?

At first Dathan, one of the brothers was skeptical about the truth of Eos claim. Then he decided to take it on to find the long lost Mona Lisa. He is attracted by Eos, and the treasure. But what will happen to their desire and passion as Dathan demands the very treasure they are looking for as his payment.

AT THE STAR’S END is a very fast-paced action filled story. It is a thrill to read.

Recommended to all lovers of the genre. 

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  1. I have heard about this novel from a friend, hey you have a nice blog out here !