Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Fish Out Of Water by Ros Baxter

Reviewed by Nas

FISH OUT OF WATER is an Escape Publishing release for April 2013 by author Ros Baxter.

Rania Aqualina is a Deputy Sheriff and fights crime yet no one would be able to say that in reality she is a mermaid. She has to go to her mermaid world and sort out some criminals now. Would she be successful? Who was after her life? Who wanted to kill her?

FISH OUT OF WATER is a unique fantasy story. Rania Aqualina is like a human spark; witty, strong and full of determination, I loved her from the word go. I also adored the way she made the hero, Carragheen bristle. This lady is sassy with a capital S and mistress of the withering put down remark - I would so like to be more like her. Author Ros Baxter wrote this story with such realistic imaginary that we are in there with Rania all the way.
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Reviewed by Desere

Remember the movie Splash, we got a romantic tale of a mermaid meeting the human man of her dreams and got a taste at things being out of the ordinary. But I am sure all will agree in the end we loved it and as I would watch it again and again.

In this new Ros Baxter read it is the same I will re-read this one over and over and be in awe every time. I totally loved the imaginary world of fantasy meets "reality".

I was in awe of how the author let her words of fantasy be so real that it seemed almost that the world she created was real. I hung onto each and very word from the start go.

The author took me off to a world of pure fantasy at it's best, I could feel each and every emotion of the characters and could touch the excitement as it bubbled to a furious burst of a fun and fresh new outlook on the fantasy world.

The back drop setting and dialogue was delightfully addictive. What I especially adored was that Rania was a real kick ass heroine, she took on the most dangerous of situations and never once blinked an eye in the face of danger!

I also got a fantastic glimpse into some great secondary characters that I am truly hoping will get their own stories.

I highly recommend this read for anyone who loves reading books where fantasy can become reality in the mind of the reader. You will not be disappointed go get a copy NOW!
5/5 star review

"This is one FISH that you will never catch" 

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