Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Lost In The Seven Worlds by Petronela Ungureanu

This is a short but sweet work of fantasy by a novelist of Rumanian origin, Petronela Ungureanu.  Sometimes I find myself a little wary of fantasy novels because they either have to be done really well, or not at all.  Some fantasy novels are just a smokescreen for a mindless erotica fest. This book is no such thing.  I think that this one has merit and is an enjoyable reading experience.  The author has a voice which is engaging and compelling - you keep wanting to read more.

The main character is a teenage girl who was taken away from her earthly life and is now moving on the heavenly plane.  Far from being flimsy and ethereal beings, the creatures of the mysterious world - worlds rather - in which he is now moving - are as enigmatic and vibrant as in the human world, with various injustices and problems to cope with.  The main character misses her home in her world, but is unable to return and therefore has to cope with the predicament in which she now finds herself.  Somehow, she finds herself in love with someone special and when love seems to have come within her grasp, it is mysteriously snatched away.  And one wonders.  Is this the end of hope?  Or is it a mere test?  Some obstacle to be overcome?

The novelette stops at an in intriguing point in the story and one rather hopes that this is not so much a stand alone story as a prequel to a longer, more detailed one.  I would love to read more and discover this mysterious and heavenly world.  I hope the author is inspired to write more of this world so I can learn more about the fate of this young, vulnerable heroine.  I would like her to be found eventually, instead of being lost in the seven worlds.


  1. You've offered me a most intriguing and useful perspective on my debut work...Kisses Maria.