Monday, 3 February 2014

The Gladiatrix by Eva Scott


Reviewed by Desere

WOW! Where to begin with this book.

The first words I will use are definitely stunning, magical and just plain awesome! I loved this read from start to finish. It was romance combined with history and done so very well.

I really loved the way in which the author described it all,I can with all certainty say I felt it all, touched it all and lived it all in this read.

This was the most fascinating romance I have read in a long time as I never thought of Gladiators going all lovey dovey, the author has given me a brilliant new look on it all.

The vivid backdrop settings were simply to die for, when I said above that I could touch it all, I truly mean it, there was no need for me to close my eyes and try to picture anything.

Keep it up Eva!

5/5 star review

" To save her he will need to fight her" 

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