Monday, 3 September 2012

Time Thief

 Reviewed by Nas

Time Thief (The Anomaly Trilogy)

TIME THIEF by author Anna Hackett is a fantasy novel released in August 2012.

Bay North was an ordinary girl who later finds out that by freak of nature and genetic mutation she could steal time. She tried her hand at stealing time by freezing it in her teens. Later she told her parents and they explained to her the proper moral obligations of using her gift. But a criminal, Gabriel Leven, was after her gift for his criminal activities. She came home one day to see all her family members murdered and her baby sister being sliced open by the criminal's wife. Bay swore revenge.

Sean Archer lost his team of elite soldiers in Afghanistan. He was a Seal but he sold himself out to Leven so he could get to Time Thieves and take vengeance for his lost team of Seals.

Yet he finds out that Leven had misled him and wanted to kill him now. So he joins Bay to take revenge on Leven. But staying together, fighting each other and now fighting together they can't deny the attraction they feel toward each other.

Though the concept of Time Thief is freezing of time which is not new, yet the unique twist the author Anna Hackett gives to her story is interesting to read. The sensuality in the love scenes is scorching hot. Yet the relationship and trust issue depicted in this story is realistic. This is a fantasy story highly worth reading!

4.5 out of 5 Stars!

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Time Thief (The Anomaly Trilogy)Review by ~Desere ~

This was a first time read for me by author Anna Hacket and wow what a book ! I could not get enough of this action packed, truly awesome read !

The manner in which the author takes the fantasy and revenge level of Bay was truly stunning ,I mean she described the pure emotion and anger in Bay was fantastic.

I also adored how much thought really went into the writing ,I could tell the author truly packed it all into this one. I especially loved Sean he had that perfect amount of sex appeal and wounded soldier effect down to a T!

I will definitely be looking for more from this author!

5/5 stars

Time Thief (The Anomaly Trilogy)

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Reviewed by Maria

A short but immensely satisfying read which kept me absorbed.

Bay has a supernatural power she was born with. She can hold time still for short periods while remaining mobile herself. This is an ideal skill for a person who earns their bread by committing crimes.

Bay commits crimes, but not to enrich herself. She only steals or attacks one person and never profits by her crimes. The object of her hatred is the criminal boss, Gabriel Levin, who murdered her family and pursues her in order to misuse her power. Her entire life is focussed on getting revenge on Levin, even if she dies in the attempt.

When she meets and falls for Sean Archer, an ex Navy Seal who has been hurt by the same criminal, Bay learns that there is more to life than seeking revenge. Will the healing power of love work it's magic for her? The only way to find out is to read the story. This has a touch of paranormal and more than a hint of sci-fi. I loved the contemporary feel. Bay's unusual power added a thrilling dimension to the story.

And I can't wait to read parts 2 and 3 of the Anomaly Trilogy, of which this novella was a part.

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