Saturday, 2 February 2013

Soul Stealer by Anna Hackett

Soul Stealer (The Anomaly Trilogy #3)

Reviewed by Desere

I am sure everyone out that has heard about woman being kidnapped and forced to do terrible thins, but take a moment to and try to step into the shoes of those woman. Alone, away from everything you know and love and being forced to do the most unspeakable of things, and worse there is no way out!

In Soul Stealer by the incredibly talented Anna Hackett I got to see not only the world behind that kind of situation, I got to see the paranormal side of it. Yes, you read it right, the paranormal side.

Cate was kidnapped and not only trained to kill but forced for you see deep down inside there is a kinder soul. But what is worse very soon that implemented and trained action becomes an addiction. She steal souls for the crime lord that kidnapped her, and she cannot seem to stop no matter how hard she tries. How's that for book opening?

Incredible that's what! The characters of Cate and the Dr. Gage that is the man determined on saving her, were both so powerful that I was bombarded with a series of emotions that is very hard to describe.

Yes I have read this authors books before and I always enjoy them, yet this time it is not only enjoyment that came to mind, I was truly in awe as it was if the author packed more emotion in this time. It all felt so very real even with all the soul stealing going on that was the kicker to remind me as reader this is actually a paranormal related read.

The elements of danger, suspense, romance and good vs evil were absolutely brilliantly depicted it was truly not only a delight to read but definitely one of the very best reads of 2013 and for sure it will go straight to number one in the paranormal reading charts!

5/5 star review

" Stealing souls can be sexy"

Review by TashNz

Having read maybe two paranormal's - ever - I have to say that after reading Soul Stealer by Anna Hackett, if they're all like this, I've got a new favourite genre!

Read in one sitting, I loved the fast paced, pull no punches action that each page contained. Soul Stealer is full of twists and turns that I didnt see coming. My heart is still racing as I write this!

Cate was your typical mango smoothie loving, macadamia nut eating school teacher from Melbourne until she's kidnapped and tortured by Laven and turned into a Soul Stealer. We meet her when she's in a detox of sorts; she doesn't want to be a killer and is at Haven to be cured of her addiction to stealing souls.  Laven wants Cate back tho and sends his men to get her back from Haven.  It's Dr Gage's job to cure Cate and they become close, the lines are blurred  from Dr/Patient relationship as they fight their attraction for each other.  Together they're taken on a heart-stopping, race against time to save Cate from Laven.

Soul Stealer is the third novella in the Anomaly trilogy. The first two are now on the top of my TBR list.

Perfect novella for anyone whose New Years Resolution is to read something different.

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