Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Mindlink by Kat Cantrell


Reviewed by Desere

Most actresses reach a point where their career starts to drag and to make the big comeback they need to pull off the role of a lifetime. But unlike going from playing "innocent" roles to "big girl" roles as some do, I bet you would never think that plating the role of a scientist could land you imprisoned in jail, your brain implanted by a octopus or finding the alien of your dreams! Yes, your read it right alien of your dreams!

However, this is is one mind bending situation that Ashley is determined to find her way out of. And when out of this world sexy and all kinds of alien hot, please-invade-my-mind-now, alien research director ZXQ or Sam as Ashley chooses to name him, proves he is willing to do anything to help her and others get back to earth no matter what it takes, she is reluctant to trust him but soon realises she has not choice.

The main characters of Sam and Ashley were both very well written and the author created two people worlds apart from each other yet the same on so many levels. Ashley is strong and determined yet she has also been hurt before and has build a wall around her heart and mind. This made me at first think "Oh no not a weak female and on a planet like this, she is doomed". But the author soon lets her unfold and shows that Ashley is one tough cookie ready to fight of anything.

Sam is a character bordering on the edge of insanity, as he soon realizes that bringing the humans to the cosmos was his biggest mistake ever. But he is also strong willed and dead set on getting them all back to safety. What I liked about him was that as the book unfolded he got more and more into touch with the man he truly is. When his explosive secret is revealed, for me as reader it was the "Yes, I love this author",moment and the book became a truly rocking read!

The backdrop setting was truly magical as the author described the surrounding in vivid detail bringing to life a entire new world unlike the human mind can envision, and therefore proves that this author truly has the gift.

The dialogue was action packed and emotional. Combining the world as we know it with a world of hurt and empowerment. I can say that if your not good at remembering specifics when it comes to rules and terms used with regards to what aliens call humans or what the octopus is, then you will more than once find yourself a little lost in this read, and you might need to page back to get back onto track.

But all in all this read was truly spectacular! I truly loved how the author took a complete new world with new possibilities and let it all blend into a mesmerizing, captivating world of danger and showing trust is the ultimate reason for love when you find right person.

The sensual level of this one was off the charts, the heat and unexplained feelings of Sam as he feels for the first time when mind-linking with Ashley was such a interesting and fresh approach from the author that all I can say is ladies this is the man you would want in your bed, he knows what you need before you even finish the thought.

I highly recommend this read for those who need their fix of paranormal fix intertwined with romance and suspense.

5/5 star review
"Linking his way into her heart, one painfully sexy image at a time" 

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