Friday, 1 February 2013

The Dream Jumper's Promise by Kim Hornsby

The Dream Jumper's Promise

Reviewed by Desere

A fantasy romance paranormal read that kept me on the edge of my seat with mystery, suspense and loads of action - filled twists and turns so good that I could not figure out what would happen next and how it would come to an end. And that my dear reader friends is a excellent sign that this book was a fantastic read.

As most times with a mystery filled book I always manage to solve the hidden secrets before they are fully exposed, but with this one I could not get it right, every time I thought "By Joe I got it!" I was quickly thrown of track and surprised with a whole new outcome.

The book is about Tina a woman that finds it understandably very hard to get over the death of her husband, but from the depths of her sorrow she pulls herself together and decides saving her diving shop will keep her not only from not focusing on her loss but also will save her business. So she sets to work but unexpectedly she finds herself with the help of two men, one her dead husband's best friend and the other her ex. Both men want to help her but when one reveals that he has a ability to enter dreams and therefore could just maybe solve her husband's murder the race to solve a mystery and keep their heads above water is on!

And what a race it was, I was completely sucked in by this one. The author blew my senses with mystery, romance and secrets so deep, dark and dangerous that it this read was a movie it surly would have walked away with every award out there!

The fact that the author added in a person that can enter dreams made this read so much more fascinating as it showed me a side of paranormal that I have found not fully explored as of yet, read about yes, but this author packed a whole lot more into it and what it's outcome positive or negative can be.

The characters were all really well written and for the most part I found myself thinking "What is people like this in this situation really existed, how intriguing life would be!" It truly kept me on the edge of my seat, it is not every book that can offer you a traitor, a dream entity, a murderer and a romance all in one!

The backdrop setting of Maui was perfect, it gave the mystery of the depths of the ocean and what lies beneath to me as reader but also let me relax as the author's descriptions of the islands were truly magical.

The dialogue was one of good quality as it fell perfectly into place with the plot and was also very well thought out, and I say this because some books dialogue is good but some lacks that connection to the plot and it's characters that makes you go wow!

This read was perfectly balanced and the author achieved the thin line of romance combined with the paranormal world to great perfection! A compelling and magical read!

Highly recommend
5/5 star review
" From the depths of the ocean the truth will rise" 

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