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Once Upon a Twist by Michelle Smart & Aimèe Duffy

Reviewed by Desere

This was a totally fabulous little read from two great authors. Taking the world of fairy tales and fantasy and serving it up with a large dose of kick ass heroines that do not faint in the face of danger and can fight with the best of them. The authors gave a whole new meaning to the words "I will fight for my happy ever after".

Cinderella in Combat Boots

We meet a version of Cinderella like no other.Yes she is still the same mistreated and abused woman from the original fairy tale, but she is smart and no mere weakling as she can stare into the eyes of evil and slash off it's head in seconds, unlike the original version that was simply a weak woman in need of a Prince to save her.

And Price Charming is much more than a charmer, he is like the original strong confident and ready to protect his beloved but the difference with this version is that the man is as more of a man on all levels than the original Price that simply comes in and "saves" the woman with the glass slippers.

I loved that the author really focused on both characters instead of like in the original read we got more about Cinderella and her life and only a very tiny glimpse into who and what the Prince it. I adored the kick-ass attitude of Cinderella and that the author also incorporated other fairy tale elements such as references to Goldilocks and the three bears and the witch from Hansel and Gretel.

The sexual level was of this read was of the over before it really starts kind but enough to give you the wild and crazy emotion of heat between the characters, and added a very nice spice to the read . The author did a terrific job of taking a old tale blending in some action and giving me as reader a entertaining read that had me laughing out loud and on the edge of my seat to see what comes next!

And Michelle I totally adore those glass slippers I must have a pair!

"Price Charming can fight but his darling Cinderella can kick some serious ass" 
                                                          xxxx 0000 xxxx

Reunited with Red

In this version of Little Red Riding Hood we meet Ruby, she had to walk away from the love of her life and in the process all but turned her back on her only living family, her grandmother. Walking away from Jeremy however was the hardest thing she has ever done and it has left her weak, scarred and not so much loving herself.

When he grandmother sends word she is ill, Ruby embarks upon the trip back to a world she never thought she would go as there is the risk of running into Jeremy and her heart just cannot stand it. But the wolf in this tale is no ordinary wolf and Jeremy is the only one that can save her.

I liked that the author gave the old tale a new twist with the wolf being much worse than in the fairy tale. It gave the words "What hides in the deep dark forest is never to be spoken of " a whole new meaning, as the read was all about covering up a secret that not only destroyed Ruby and Jeremy's relationship but also brings them back together.

The character of Jeremy was terrific , he is definitely so much more than just a "woodcutter", he is the ultimate hero in doing everything to protect his secrets in order to not let the love of his life be hurt. I loved that the author also takes Ruby and makes her so much stronger to face what needs to be done in the name of love, showing the scarred running away from it all woman is no more and is ready to take on the worst of the worst.

The sexual level of this read was hot, sensual and blazing! Classic Aimèe Duffy and let the full emotions of the characters be bared to me as reader. I adored the moment of truth being revealed and felt myself tearing up as Jeremy bares his soul.

I was entertained at all times and could not wait to see what happens, close to the end the author actually had me holding my breath to see who lives and who dies!

Aimèe you must write us more Jeremy's !

5 star review
"Seeing red has nothing to do with blushing, but all to do with passion and the blood it can let flow" 

I highly recommend this read for lovers of reading romances with a remarkable twist of the paranormal kind but also action and intrigue. I truly hope these two authors take more fairy tales and re-writes them for us! I loved it!

Reviewed by Maria

Take a couple of traditional fairy tales, such as Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood, a pair of innovative romance authors, a dollop of paranormal and heaps of attitude not too mention two kick ass heroines and what have you got?  ONCE UPON A TWIST, that's what.

ONCE UPON A TWIST by Aimee Duffy and Michelle Smart is a two-in-one, two novellas in one volume, each one giving us a traditional fairy tale with a modern twist.  As these fairy tales were always out of the realm of fantasy anyway, the paranormal aspect is accentuated.  Our heroines are not the fairy princess types for sure, they're modern, kick ass women.  Don't mess with them whatever you do.  In fact, they fairly leave Prince Charming and the Woodcutter in the shade.

So if you enjoy fairy tales and fantasy stories and would like to see them get a bit of modern treatment, pick this one up, satisfaction guaranteed.

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